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The original series is part of a commission for a 5 year old boy who is passionate about animal conservation. He talked to me about how he doesn’t understand why people need rhino horns or elephant tusks or any other animal part and wants to teach the people hurting animals a lesson.

My inspiration for this series comes from a place of passion, my rationale: ‘Splat’ the sound of the paint hitting the the paper juxtaposed against the insignificance with which we’re treating some of natures most amazing creatures. The modern and colourful image is ironic, showing the beauty of the creatures, while raising awareness of the loss of their beauty if we do nothing.

15% of every sale will be donated to Olpejeta Conservancy, Kenya

A reproduction of the original painting, this print captures all the texture and details of the original paper. It will be reproduced on the most beautiful, German etching white, slightly hammered textured paper. It captures the colour of the inks vibrantly.

These will be placed as a bulk order to allow you to take advantage of these incredibly competitive prices. All orders will take 2-3 weeks to fulfil.

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