The artist, Punam Sanghrajka, at work

‘The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.’ – Joseph Campbell

I am a modern abstract nature artist. I grew up in Kenya, surrounded by beautiful scenery, breathtaking nature and colours you can only imagine.  My work is influenced by my Kenyan roots and I strive to bring the simplicity but boldness of colour into my work. Nature has the wonderful ability to transport the viewer away from everyday life into their own magical space. My aim is to help you feel a little of the magic that Kenya & the African landscape gave me.

I work in a way I call ‘structured abstract’. You can tell what I’ve created, but it doesn’t always have all the details. I work with brushes and palette knives, using colour and texture to bring the work to life. I’ve always loved quick brushstrokes and bold colour. My palette tends to be specifically chosen & limited for each piece, but my brushstrokes are loose and fluid, to create movement. There is an element of romanticism to my pieces.

When you see my work, I want you to take a moment and get lost in what you see. To stop, take a breath and let a memory come to life… Something from your childhood, a moment shared with a loved one, a holiday, anything that allows you to take a step back from your everyday life and pause. I want you to feel nostalgic for something special – just like I do when I’m creating.

All my work is my own and for sale, but I also accept commissions.

To see more of my work, and behind the scenes snippets, please visit me at

Facebook: Facebook/Artbypunam

Instagram: Instagram/Artbypunam