“Painting often feels like shaping an emotion with colours or texture; the intricacies are crucial, the possibilities, endless.  A lot of energy is put into a successful painting.  The artist gives a part of themselves, pouring both intention and emotion into the work, creating something physical, yet somehow magical.”


Turquoise Skies     Time&Tide_8x6_InSitu     The Day We Met_InSitu_8x6     modern living room2_InSitu     Let's Just Stay_Insitu_8x6     Into The Deep_12x9_InSitu     watamu 2     Blues&Turquoise_InSitu     Hold me tight_Insitu_8x6     Serenity_8x10_Insitu     Walk Together_18x14_InSitu     Malindi Pinks     You are my sunshine                     Waterfall                              Take Flight